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Please be advised that residential data collection will begin in your borough on Wednesday, February 18th, 2015.  Depending on their schedule they could begin on the 17th.  Employees from Tyler Technologies, Inc. will be going door to door throughout the borough gathering information on the interiors and measuring the exterior of all residences and out buildings.  Data collector’s will not enter the residence unless asked by the property owner.  In some case there may be some physical deterioration that would affect the market value of their property.  Data collector’s will ask general questions about the interior; i.e. total number of rooms, number of bedrooms and baths, etc.  If no one is home they will leave a yellow door hanger which should be completed and returned to the indicated address.

Employees will be wearing yellow safety vests and display their photo ID badges.


The 2015 General Fund, Sewer Fund, and Highway Aid Fund budgets can be viewed by clicking on the links below.